Digital Narrative Game Draft

For my game i did some research online so that i would provide the players of the “game” with some real life statistics on the issue of domestic abuse and i have posted the links of the sources in the blog entry titled “Digital Narrative Game Prototype”. But other than that, i have spoken to two people who used to be victims in abusive relationships but they wished that their identities remained anonymous. When i gave them a general overview of my game, they said that they have witnessed similar incidents in their relationship and they talked to me about what happened to them, which i then used as hypothetical scenarios for the game. The main thing they said was that the reason that kept them going for all of this time was the fact that they loved their partners and so they would always try to find justifications for their behaviour, they will in denial that their partners were abusers. The only difference i learned from their experiences and what i did in the game was that both of them had the support of their parents when they finally took the decision to talk to someone about it. In the game i chose to say that the parents were unsupportive just to show how bad some relationships can be for certain people if they have no way of getting out. I also want to point out that my game does not have an end point to which the player could reach based on their answers because both people i talked to left their partners before things got out of control and because this is a sensitive topic, i did not want to “create” an unfortunate situation where the victim would choose to stay leading to something bad happening. I just hope to raise awareness using this game and to be able to help put the player in the shoes of a victim of an abusive relationship.



2 thoughts on “Digital Narrative Game Draft

  1. This game is incredibly powerful. The only improvements I would suggest are:
    a. You insert the “divorce” decision a bit early in the game – but the game continues with them married… so maybe you want to either make that decision LATER and then after it she tells her parents, etc., or make the divorce decision followed by the baby/miscarriage (a reason that makes her stay again after she had decided to divorce) or something like that – but also near end of the game – it’s just a matter of sequencing.

    b. Please make the game playable by people outside of AUC. I’m really impressed with how powerful it is and I can totally see it as one people will play for years to come. Seriously. This is seriously good work.


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